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Welcome to the William Torbitt School website for former pupils and staff 

Welcome to the William Torbitt School Reunion Pages. THE place for former pupils and staff of William Torbitt School. The ultimate nostalgia! YOUR primary school.

site last updated February 2017


Hi all

I have been administering and hosting this website for the past 19 years(!) and it's been a pleasure. However, the time has come for a younger person to take on the job.

I'm looking for a volunteer who is a web designer with their own server access. I say 'volunteer' since there is no payment for the work (which takes up very little time) and the site is currently hosted on a server which is paid for by my commercial hosting customers so there is no funding for hosting.

The site is currently built around an MS Access database which keeps tabs on the contact details of those registered and the identifications in photos and the photo information. The database queries were built when I was a novice so may appear clumsy but they work. There's nothing to say that this system is carved in stone so any system which will do the same job would be fine.

So, if you think you would be interested and have the necessary skills then please click here to get in touch. It's not that I don't want to do it any more - just that I feel a younger person could take the website into the future. I'll be around to help if needed.


This website was originally conceived simply to record the reunion held at the school on 20th June 1998 for former pupils of its 60 year's history. The website focused on a particular group of pupils since we were the ones who started it.

However, since that time, it has expanded and we now have pupils registered from eight decades!

This site is not a commercial undertaking but all information submitted is updated as soon as possible and treated with confidentiality (see the privacy policy by clicking on it at the bottom of this page).

So please feel free to send in your news, contact details or any memory of your time at William Torbitt. From the Post Bag or Memories pages you can input your own thoughts. The interest generated has been greater than we ever imagined so join us now to make this site a comprehensive record of William Torbitt School.

Many contributors think that Pauline and Geoff work side by side (literally) on this project. In fact Geoff is in Essex and Pauline is in Somerset! Although we act as a team, Geoff is the one who contacts former pupils/staff, putting them in touch with each other, collating information etc. and Pauline deals with the website. Please bear this in mind when you contact us.

Thank you

Google Earth has mounted a number of areas of imagery from 1946 and 1947. Greater London is included and so is Newbury Park. The school is quite clear and there are some interesting features, like AA emplacements in parks and some gaps where bomb sites persisted. The clarity is not up to the recent standards, of course, but the historical record is good to have so easily.

Thanks go to those who have sent in donations towards the hosting of this site. It is not, as so many think, funded by either by the school, the Local Education Authority or Friends Reunited - how nice if it were! The site is funded solely by the voluntary efforts of myself and Geoff Gillon, together with those who have sent in donations - see our Sponsors Page.

It actually does cost money to keep the site running - there is an annual web hosting fee plus all the time spent in keeping it updated - so ANY CONTRIBUTIONS, HOWEVER SMALL, TOWARDS THE WEB HOSTING COSTS WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!! Even if it's just a pound coin in an envelope it would help! Click here to find contact details

ANY CONTRIBUTIONS, TOWARDS THE COST OF WEB HOSTING, HOWEVER SMALL, ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!! Even if it is just a pound coin in an envelope it helps!
Send to:
Pauline Leverett, 8 Franklins Way, Claverham, Somerset BS49 4ND
(cheques made payable to Pauline Leverett) - Thank you!


We now have registrations from EIGHT decades! Registration costs nothing and commits you to nothing.
(You will need a Java-Enabled browser to register.)
Feel free to join our virtual reunion.

Registrations, memories and postbag and other updates are carried out by volunteers and may be delayed.
Thank you for your patience.

If you send email, please ensure that "WILLIAM TORBITT" is in the subject line so that your mail does not get caught in a spam trap.


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