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Memory No. 380
David Halsey
(@WT )
Living in Oaks Lane, I attended WT 1952-55 (see photo '1952? Infants', position 20)
1. Happy (judging by my Reports comments) even remembering the pig-swill bins outside the kitchens !
2. Funny My Mum taking me to school on my first day - and picking me up on the second day to find that I had a black eye ! (Even more funny detail to that story ??)
3. Sad When I was 6, one morning walking to school alongside Eastern Avenue, on my own (as we did in those days) when only a couple of yards from me I witnessed an older boy dash into the road, only to be hit and killed by a lorry. I remember the ambulance (and other details I won't go into).
No counselling in those days, but I suffered health-wise in the following weeks, my Mum told me.

I still have two of my school reports :-
(a) 1954, July , Class 4, Mr. J. R. Clark; H/m G.E. Peacock
(b) 1955, Feb, 1st Year group, G.M. Witney ; H/m J? Cowan.

I also attended Newbury Park Methodist Church and still have their hymn book awarded to me as a prize for attendance.
Regards -
David Halsey ( been living in Lancashire for over 50 years. )

Memory No. 375
Stephen Rowlinson
(@WT 1947 - 1951)
Huge memories of a lovely happy school. Headmaster Cowan was outstanding as was our teacher Miss Harder (I think thatís the spelling).And fond memories of people in our form - Lawrence Tasker, John Rubery ,Teddy Pawsey, Graham Bendry, Andrea Mant (who we were all in love with)and Jane and Caroline. Astonishingly you had a Memory from George Hunt who lived almost next door to me in Newbury Park. Georgeís father (also called George) was a brilliant violinist and bold entrepreneur. I would love to get in touch with George if itís possible via this website.

Memory No. 341
Alan Ciechan
(@WT 1963>68)
Huge fond memories of my time. How lucky we were to have that huge space and that lovely garden. My class teachers: Loved Mrs Fisher, Sarahís mum, and Miss Ferguson in infants, headmistress mrs Eaton who went off to tour the world in a Bedford van if I remember correctly lovely mrs Briggs not so lovely mr Hunt, and the ever frightening but really rather lovely Mrs Bidgood and a man I remember with huge respect mr Cowan a truly decent with Mr Lichfield and we won the league in1967 but got wapped 5-1 by Redbridge and so only came second in 1968. I got a hat trick and was captain once against park hill when we won 9-0 ( didnít everybody) watched by the whole school - great days. The gorgeous miss jones and miss hockey. Friends in my class. , Ian Arnold, Martin cork Kevin Davis David monk. I think there may have been 40+ of us in the class. I still have the class photos somewhere and could probably name almost everyone

Memory No. 339
Tammy-jo Cloke
(@WT 2005)
My school class photoe

Memory No. 331
Wendy Thompson
(@WT 1956-1958)
Transferred to WT when my family moved to Newbury Park.I was 10 .My form teacher was Mrs Bidgood and her shouting in class terrified me.Could that lady yell! Happy memories of school coach taking us to swimmimg lessons in Seven Kings baths and school tuck shop.Lovely friends,Mavis Rampling,Betty Bird and Felicity Fry.

Memory No. 330
Diane Ward
(@WT )
Diane remembers Miss Tomlin leaving to get married but is not sure if she came back. She also remembers the Queen driving by and pupils were waiting in the street.

Memory No. 327
(@WT 2000-2006)
To the one who posted about the isle of weight trip in year 5 (post number 211 by leah Roberts), I remember that trip and it was great. Don't know if you remember me lol but your brother Kieran was in my year. Also remember sharna mandil who has posted on this quite a few times and was in my year. Had many friends and the teachers back then were great i.e miss mosley, miss blaiz, mr ben (left in 2001) .

Memory No. 318
Neil Stretton
(@WT 1950-1955)
I remember Miss Joy (reception class?) and Miss Heard (I've seen her photo on your site).
and the head teacher in the infants school was Miss Peacock.
Head teacher in the juniors school was Mr Cowan
I also recall a Miss Ball and a Miss Boot, and when Miss Ball left the school, we all joked that Miss Boot had kicked Miss Ball out.
Lessons beside the fish pond, which was near the canteen.
We all had a smashing time colouring posters and books for the Coronation.
I also remember we all had fun dancing around the Maypole and also embroidery classes!!
My elder brother, Michael John Stretton, was a pupil during WWII, and recalls a doodlebug landing in the playing fields.
That's it. Just random memories

Memory No. 317
Le Johnson
(@WT 1950-190)
Class teacher was Miss Fitch who married teacher Mr Bidgood who I remember owned a jaguar car. Also knew Mrs Sneed who lived in Bergholt Avenue ,Redbridge . Mr Ashton also taught there and was quite a famous football referee. I remember Linda Westwood and Roseana Giles and Geoffrey White. Great school

Memory No. 316
Rohit Parmar
(@WT 1970>75)
Too many memories to list, my first teacher was Miss or Mrs Proctor, Hated the toilets that were separated from the main building and were freezing in the winter. I also had form teacher whose surname was Wright, I vaguely remember he was a professional goalkeeper for Coventry City. Playground fun was not fun during the winter months and it was compulsory. I still live in the same house and both my children went to WT as well.

Memory No. 304
stephanie hall
(@WT i guess 1965 maybe not)
story time with mr rogers annd bottle of milk.he maid the book alive. every charitor was alive .sorry i cant spell

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