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Entry Number: 8
Date: 4-JANUARY-2002
Author: Wendy Hutchings

I was so happy to find this website as I live far away and feel very cut off from my past. I would love to know what my old class mates and teachers are doing now. I have many vivid memories of William Torbitt, including Miss Ferguson, my infant school teacher, the inedible food served up in the dinner huts, my second year teacher, Mr Eagland smoking as he taught class and Mrs Bidgood who taught us in the 3rd to 4th years. Thanks for creating this website.

Entry Number: 10
Date: 28-DECEMBER-2001
Author: Graham Knight

Hi, I found your website using a link from Friends Reunited. It looks good. I had a great time at the school and spent all my break times, dinner times and games lessons playing football on the huge field. My brother Ian went through 2 years behind me.

Entry Number: 11
Date: 19-DECEMBER-2001
Author: Lisa French

I was Lisa French at went to William Torbitt between 1963-1970. My mum worked in the office at the infants school, her name is Mrs Eileen French. I now live in Perth Western Australia.

Entry Number: 12
Date: 16-DECEMBER-2001
Author: Wendy Defriend

I am now known as Wendy Seeley (nee Defriend) and attended WT from1956 - 1962 if my memory (not all it was!) serves me well. I have so enjoyed reading the memories but sadly do not recognise many names other than a few older siblings of my classmates. I was amused to read about the penny crisps as they featured in my time as well. I am an Acting Head Teacher at present and will not have much time to 'play' until the holidays but will try to send some of my memories for the site then. I think you and Geoff are doing a marvellous job and I look forward to maybe getting in contact with some of my year group soon. My sister Diana seems to feature in a fair few photos but alas none of my classes! I will see if my father has any lurking in the family archives.

Entry Number: 13
Date: 10-DECEMBER-2001
Author: Michelle Aaron

Mrs Ebral, Mrs Maroon, Mrs Barlow and Mrs McDonna were my teachers. Are any of them reachable?

Entry Number: 15
Date: 24-OCTOBER-2001
Author: Joanna Burke

We are considering having a re-union for the years 1978-85 as we both attended nursery through to juniors. Although we have found the website (www.friendsreunited.com) helpful. We still seem to be having trouble locating many old friends Kind regards Joanna Burke & Karen Manley - [**This project has now been cancelled**]

Entry Number: 16
Date: 23-OCTOBER-2001
Author: Pat Brown

I was at the school up to 1958 when my name was Pat Brown. My brother, David Brown was in the year below and I see a couple of names he would recognise. I am living in Buckinghamshire and am now Pat Fish. I would particularly like to get in touch with Bob Wilcox who was in the year above me - has he been in contact?

Entry Number: 17
Date: 7-AUGUST-2001
Author: Simon Lewis

Craig Donaldson and I are organising a small reunion for pupils in Miss O'Keefe's class from 1977/1978. If anyone is interested please email me. Thanks - Simon Lewis (PLUS! see Simon's pictures on the School Pictures page.......) [ Hopefully a report to follow on this one?]

Entry Number: 18
Date: 5-JULY-2001
Author: Pauline Kendall

Terry Harris, the IT Technician at William Torbitt has been in touch regarding using material from the website in a newsletter that the children are compiling as part of their IT education. I have given permission and hope no-one out there objects. You can see their IT room at http://www.redbridgeschools.net/case_studies/william_torbitt.htm.
Valerie (Fry as was) has found a useful site for tracing old school friends - www.friendsreunited.co.uk which some of you might enjoy. Thanks Val…………..

Entry Number: 47
Date: 7-OCTOBER-2000
Author: Robin Stafford

Regards to John Cotter and Roger Suckling who I remember as particularly close friends of mine, along with Ian Eagland, Terry Nunn and Terry Dunbar. I also seem to recall a boy named Robert 'Snow' Tompkins, but have never seen his name in the lists anywhere. There again, neither is mine !! But does anybody else recall him?


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