Enlarged School Photo
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1963 - 2B - with Miss Fawcett and Mr. Treadway
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo

1.  John Bradford 

2.  David Papier  OR

2.  David Gale/Gayle 

3.  Jimmy/James Doyle 

4.  Michael Perring 

5.  Janet Thompson 

6.  Stephanie Rogers 

7.  David White 

8.  Richard Wilderspin 

9.  Graeme Cunningham 

10.  Susan Maskell 

11.  Dinah Williams 

12.  Lesley Hall 

13.  Lynn Cordell 

14.  Marilyn Blatt 

15.  Lesley Fisher 

16.  Gillian Fisher 

17.  Gillian Barratt 

18.  Patsy/Pat Rasen 

19.  Katherine Landsman 

20.  Janet Anthony 

21.  Evelyn Bain 

22.  Lynne Hanford 

23.  Christina Elly 

24.  Julia White 

25.  Jackie/Jaqueline Jones 

26.  Barbara Blows 

27.  Clive ? 

28.  Ernie/Ernest Jarvis 

29.  Peter Clarkson 

30.  Trevor Oliver 

31.  Adrian Clarke 

32.  Anthony Cheeseman 

33.  Melvyn Grant 

34.  Miss Fawcett 

35.  John Treadway 

John Treadway began his teaching career at Torbitt. He retired from teaching at Easter 2001 (?), after 28 years headship. He left WT in 1968 and became deputy head at Wells Primary School and then in 1973 head of Barley Lane Junior which he amalgamated with the infants in 1991 to form Barley Lane Primary with a nursery added.
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