Enlarged School Photo
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1966/67 - Mr Treadway
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo

1.  Brian Howell 

2.  Vivienne Jenkins 

3.  Wendy Bunker 

4.  Lynne Winterflood 

5.  Janice Cole 

6.  Gillian Raymond 

7.  Mark Miller 

8.  Graham Pike 

9.  Brian Waterlow 

10.  Steven/Stephen Merton/Murton 

11.  Anthony Turner 

12.  Susan Kranat 

13.  Paula Spraggs 

14.  Richard Wallace 

15.  Nigel Primmer 

16.  Christopher Cox 

17.  Garry Holman 

18.  Mike/Michael Barrett 

19.  Moira Thompson 

20.  Lorraine Luck 

21.  Keith Young 

22.  Rosemary Connell 

23.  Sandra Worrell 

24.  John Gibbs 

25.  Christopher Turner 

26.  Alan Gilbert 

27.  Peter Riches 

28.  Ashley Grant 

29.  David Williams 

30.  John Treadway 

Mr Treadway's comments:
The class was known as 4A. They were a marvellous class that I had the privilege of taking through from their second year in the juniors. I left them for the summer term in the second year to take on a fourth year class 4B in their last term in summer 1965. As a reward for doing this Tom Cowan gave me this class back for their final two years. (Eight junior terms out of their total of 12.). Great if you got on with me but tough on some of the others. I still have some of the written work and poetry they produced all those years ago.
We had some great times. I wonder if anyone remembers our trips out and the visit of the Antarctic explorer complete with 'hard tack' for us to taste.
With thanks to Graham Pike

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