Enlarged School Photo
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1951 - Mr Eagland
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo

1.  John Eagland 

2.  Charlie Fairweather 

3.  Jimmy/James Lamb 

4.  Peter Spooner 

5.  Harold Baptist-Smith 

6.  Terry Peggs 

7.  Philip  Parker 

8.  David Rossiter 

9.  Alan Pring 

10.  Brian Freitag 

11.  Peter Horler 

12.  John Daly/Daley 

13.  Andrew Kinna 

14.  Anne Pickles 

15.  Diane Cottrell 

16.  Peggy Mossford 

17.  Ann Fowler 

18.  Elizabeth Dunningham 

19.  Patricia Field 

20.  Malcolm Pfaff 

21.  Barry Gardiner 

22.  June Sapsford 

23.  Pat Gunner 

24.  Pat Randall 

25.  Delia  Shambrook 

26.  Lynda Bryant  OR

26.  Jean Rason 

27.  Rosalind Elliott 

28.  Pamela Rose 

29.  Pat Uden  OR

29.  Janice Woods 

30.  Sylvia Handslip 

31.  Sheila Heaton 

32.  Roy Pearce/Pierce 

33.  Russell Briscoe 

34.  Stephen Ives 

35.  Colin Heath 

36.  Robert Cooper 

37.  Stuart Thomson/Thompson 

38.  Keith Dolby 

After MUCH playground discussion over this one we have finally come to the conclusion that it is indeed 1951 - thanks to all who contributed information
Photo from Malcolm Bidgood's Collection

Amendment thanks to: John Roper, Michael Wookey, David Rossiter, Andrew Kinna and others

Any names displayed are only as accurate as information sent in.
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