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Year 3 - July 1970 - Mrs. Ebbett
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo


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2.  Jimmy/James Smailes 

3.  Graham Knight 

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9.  Andrew Bradford 

10.  Robert Nyman 

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15.  Amanda Segal 

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17.  Ann Wright 

18.  David Ashley 

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39.  David Lerer 

40.  Colin Mann 

41.  Miss JF Hart (later Mrs Ebbett) 

From Graham Knight: I was at William Torbitt from 1965 to 1971. This photograph was taken in July 1970. I am in the back row, third in from the left. The teacher was Mrs. Ebbett. I think she was previously Miss Hart. I was also in Mr Youles' class for the school year 68-89 and Mrs. Lane's for 67-68.
I think I recognise Catherine Harris, Trevor Wills, Stephen Daniels, Jacqueline Cheeseman, Richard Quire, Jimmy Conlan, Brian Scott, Julia Reynolds and Tony Healey.
I had a great time at the school and spent all my break times, dinner times and games lessons playing football on the huge field. My brother Ian went through 2 years behind me.
With thanks to Graham Knight:

Amendment thanks to: Amanda Segal, Ann Wright

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