Enlarged School Photo
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Class photo early 1960's (?1960-1962)
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo


1.  Dianne Frankland/Franklyn 

2.  Catherine Young 

3.  Susan Howlett 

4.  Teresa Scopes 

5.  Alison Thompson 

6.  Lawrence Crisp 

7.  Paul Butler 

8.  Patricia Brindley 

9.  Janet Mickleborough/Mickelburgh 

10.  David Memel 

11.  Julian Ives 

12.  Roger Blackwell 

13.  Paul Levine 

14.  Michael Bunker 

15.  Howard Byers 

16.  Vicki/Victoria Reynolds 

17.  Pamela Etheridge 

18.  Linda Gilbey 

19.  David Chapman 

20.  Andrew Bickerton 

21.  Clive Oakley 

22.  Lesley Cox 

23.  Hilary Gold 

24.  Linda Fardell 

25.  Rosalyn Ward 

26.  Helen Singer 

27.  Barbara Hughes 

28.  Pamela Allard 

29.  Michael Robinson 

30.  Deidre Cooper 

31.  Jane Oakley 

32.  Miss Gee 

On speaking to my sister Catherine, the class teacher was a supply teacher called Miss Gee. Mrs Bidgood was on maternity leave - the baby born on 16th July. Catherine thinks it was 1963. It is believed that Miss Gee had a name that was difficult to pronounce and therefore it was shortened. (Jean Young)
David Chapman adds:
This would have been taken in the school year 1962/63 or 1963/64 as I had Mrs Bidgood for those, my last two years at the Torbitt.
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Amendment thanks to: Jean Young, David Chapman

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