Enlarged School Photo
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Infant teachers and office staff - 1966
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo


1.  ?  

2.  Mrs Peterson 

3.  Mrs Melnick 

4.  Mrs Selvage 

5.  ?  

6.  ?  

7.  Student ? 

8.  Mrs Jenkins 

9.  ?  

10.  Mrs Barlow 

11.  Helen Oakley 

12.  Mrs Bhagat 

13.  Mrs Cane 

14.  June Richards 

From: Frances Selvage
I have this because my Mum worked in the office (she is central in photo wearing glasses) also Tim Oakleys Mum below left in photo was the school secretary at that time. The Head is extreme right and is Mrs Richards and I think the teacher second from left with dark hair is Mrs Jenkins but that's the best I can do. It's after my time there.
David Goodliff tells us: "Thanks to Frances Selvage for the photo on the WTS website recently. This image is definitely dated 1966. The headmistress June Richards became head teacher the same day I started at the school - 3rd November 1965 (my birthday).
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