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Mr Mosley's Class 1950 - 4A
Enlarged School Photo

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1.  Mr Mosley 

2.  ?  

3.  Pat/Patricia Price 

4.  Jennifer Barnard 

5.  Margaret Horne 

6.  Frances Derry 

7.  Brenda? Earley 

8.  Christine Lloyd 

9.  Sheila Condron 

10.  Brenda? Ryan 

11.  Doreen Medcraft 

12.  Rosemary? McDonnell?/O'Donnell? 

13.  Victoria Martin 

14.  Tom Cowan 

15.  Brian Greenhow 

16.  Roger Rugless 

17.  Raymond Hatton 

18.  Alan? Braithwaite 

19.  Edward/Ted Cordell 

20.  David Randall 

21.  Brian? McDonnell?/O'Donnell? 

22.  Derek Lamb 

23.  Michael Allen 

24.  David Jackson 

25.  Clive Payne 

26.  Harvey Defriend 

27.  Robin Tucker 

28.  Margaret Ritchie 

29.  Pat/Patricia Burgess 

30.  Denise Thompson 

31.  Sylvia Tilbury 

32.  Joan Wiles 

33.  Brenda Percival 

34.  Ann/Anne Boorn 

35.  Sheila? Armstrong 

36.  Sandra Hay 

37.  Deidre Powell 

38.  Terry Wood 

39.  David Curtis 

40.  Keith Blazey 

41.  David Brackley 

42.  John Roper 

43.  Peter Willingham 

44.  Brian Howe 

45.  Barry Young 

46.  Barrie/Barry James 

47.  Eric Weller 

Twin curiosities: 1 set plus 2 halves! - but should it have been just 3 halves?
Margaret Ritchie's twin sister, Ann, was in 4C. John Roper's twin brother, David, was in 4B.
Rosemary and Brian McDonnell (or maybe O'Donnell) joined us from New Zealand for just our last year but (as the story ran) should have been in different years! Rosemary born 11.30pm on August 31st and Brian born at 00.30am on September 1st. Whatever the truth or otherwise of the story we were glad that they both joined us - they were both great!
[NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: I suppose if you translated these birth times in New Zealand to births in the UK they would have both been on the same day? You work it out!]
With thanks to Peter Willingham:

Amendment thanks to: John Roper

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