Enlarged School Photo
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Infants Class - 1938
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo


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7.  Grace Rendle 

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10.  Beryl Falkner 

11.  ?  

12.  ?  

13.  Barbara Silver 

14.  ?  

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Dear Pauline, I am sending you a class photo of Grace Rendle`s who was in the infants in 1938. She is the first girl in the second row on the left. Her brother Jim Rendle was in Miss Honey`s class as I was. I first met Grace at ST Johns Church hall clinic over cod liver oil and orange juice so that goes back a few years, we also got married there. Thanks for a first class site, I am in constant touch with Terry Wright we met through your efforts and my Wife Grace has heard from one of her friends too. Best regards Keith Martin.
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