Enlarged School Photo
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1949 or 1950… or 52 or 53…….
Enlarged School Photo

School Photo


3.  Ann Baker 

7.  Maureen Wendon/Wenden 

8.  Glyn Morris 

9.  Sidney Schneider 

13.  Kieran Johnston 

17.  George Hunt 

19.  Graham La Roche 

20.  Colin Patterson 

21.  Stuart Tann 

22.  Alan Brookes 

23.  Lesley Grimmett 

24.  Colin Smith 

25.  Ann Looker 

30.  Sandra Pottinger 

31.  Wendy Devey 

32.  Hilary Barnard 

34.  Marion (twin) White  OR

34.  Linda (twin) White 

35.  John Burton 

37.  Miss Barker 

This picture was duplicated as 53010 and wrongly titled "1953" - thanks to Stuart Tann for spotting it!

..and from Valerie Fry:
Just to add to the problem Do not think this photo is 1949/50. Lesley Grimmett ID907 says she left school in 1955. She says Noel her brother, was a year above her. He and I were in the same class and we left in 1954. I think the photo was 1952 or 1953. The children look older than the first year so it could have been 1953. I think the teacher may be Miss Barker.
A little detective work!
Just had an idea and checked what the teacher was wearing in 1953 and it looks like the same dress but different shoes - perhaps she changed into her best ones for the photo. It is Miss Barker, who was my 1st year teacher but she doesn't seem to have been there long. I really thought she was very nice.
With thanks to Stuart Tann and Lesley Grimmett:

Amendment thanks to: Emma Miles (Ann Baker's daughter), David Morris, John Burton, Valerie Fry, George Hunt

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