Enlarged School Photo
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Enlarged School Photo

School Photo


1.  Laurie (teacher from "down under") ? 

2.  Mr Ellis 

3.  John Eagland 

4.  Tom Cowan 

5.  Malcolm Bidgood 

6.  Mr Walter (Jock) Warden 

7.  Mr O'Halloran/Ohalloran 

8.  Mr Douglas (from "down under") 

9.  Yvonne Whitney 

10.  Mrs Snead 

11.  Daphne Fitch (became Mrs Bidgood in 1957) 

12.  Fay Heard 

13.  Margaret Joyce 

14.  ?  

15.  Miss Cooper 

16.  ?  

17.  Miss/Mrs Bryan/Bryant 

18.  Mrs Wilson 

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