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1962 or 63 ? - 3 or 4A Class Review
Scrapbook Picture

Scrapbook Picture

.  Pamela Allard 

.  Andrew Bickerton 

.  Patricia Brindley 

.  Michael Bunker 

.  Lesley Cox 

.  Lawrence Crisp 

.  Linda Fardell 

.  Dianne Frankland/Franklyn 

.  Linda Gilbey 

.  Hilary Gold 

.  Susan Howlett 

.  Barbara Hughes 

.  David Memel 

.  Janet Mickleborough/Mickelburgh 

.  Jane Oakley 

.  Vicki/Victoria Reynolds 

.  Michael Robinson 

.  Teresa Scopes 

.  Howard Smith 

.  Alison Thompson 

.  Rosalyn Ward 

.  Catherine Young 

The review featured a group based on the Beatles that I think might have been called the 'Earwigs' - they are centre stage wearing the wigs. Standing from left to right: David Memel, Howard Smith, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Laurence Crisp, Jane Oakley?, Barbara Hughes, Linda Gilbey, Michael Bunker, Rosalyn Ward?, Janet Mickleburgh, Michael Robinson Front row left to right Pamela Allard?, ?, Diane Frankland?, Alison Thompson, Vicki Reynolds, Catherine Young, Teresa Scopes?, Andrew Bickerton, Hilary Gold, Linda Fardell, Susan Howlett, Patricia Brindley, Lesley Cox

Lin Fardell tells us: This was a fourth year review put on for the rest of the school - I remember it as 1964, although with Howard Smith's phenomenal memory, perhaps I'm wrong!
It was called 'Mrs Bidgood's Wednesday Afternoon at the William Torbitt' a skit on 'Val Parnell's(?) Sunday Night at the London Palladium' and, yes, the group were called 'The Earwigs'! In fact I played the part of a 'screaming fan' who ran on to the stage, fainted, and was carted off on a trolley! Hilary (Gold) and I sung a duet - 'I don't want to go to the party with you', a pop song of the time.
The reviews were a tradition at that time; those leaving that year put it on for the rest of the school - it was never shown to parents!
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