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Spanish school play about 1952?
Scrapbook Picture
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Scrapbook Picture

1.  ?  

2.  ?  

3.  ?  

4.  Sheila Heaton 

5.  Anne Pollington 

6.  ?  

7.  ?  

8.  ?  

9.  ?  

10.  ?  

11.  ?  

Andrew Kinna writes: This picture brought back some buried memories. The play was "The Queen's Emissary" (known to the wags as "The Queen's a misery", but we ignore them). I have dug out the cast list and will e-mail it separately, but I can tell you that it was part of the Coronation Year concert, and presented on Thursday 16 July 1953. It was the picture on the wall that triggered the memories. I can identify two people in the picture with some certainty, but as most are in profile, I would only be guessing at others. In the play (I hasten to add), Anne played my wife and Sheila my daughter. I doubt whether either of them ever forgave the casting director!
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