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Xmas Party - 1954
Scrapbook Picture
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Scrapbook Picture

.  Janice Archer 

.  Linda Bayley 

.  Shirley Bowl 

.  Pat Dixon 

.  Kay Emery 

.  John Fairweather 

.  Geoffrey Gillon 

.  Lois Gunning 

.  Jill Hammond 

.  Anthea Hay 

.  Nicholas Holmes 

.  Pauline Jennings 

.  Ann Medland 

.  Josephine Pazera 

.  Graham Pfaff 

.  Anne Sheerin 

I think we can pick out Janic Archer, Pauline Jennings, Lois Gunning,  Anne Sheerin, Linda Bailey,  Graham Pfaff, Geoffrey Gillon, Nicholas Holmes, Ann Medland, John Fairweather, Kay Emery and Pat Dixon -  is that Josephone Pazera lurking at the back? I think that Anthea Hay is just along from Lois but Ann Medland thinks it's Jill Hammond....... we await correction or confirmation!
The lady handing out the presents with Santa is, allegedly, the Lady Mayoress
**From Anthony Glynn: I can confirm that the lady in the Xmas party - 1953 (scrap001) is indeed the Lady Mayoress (Shirley Headley) Her daughter, Philippa, went to the school a year ahead of me. I think the year of this photo maybe Christmas 1954, as Shirley was 'in office' during 1954/55.
Shirley Headley has rung in to confirm that it indeed her in the picture. She was herself in the first school intake (then Shirley Bowl). She tell us that Santa is Mr Train, the Headmaster.
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