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A Birthday Party
Scrapbook Picture

Scrapbook Picture

.  Janice Archer 

.  Marylin Baggot 

.  Linda Bayley 

.  Pat Dixon 

.  Kay Emery 

.  Lois Gunning 

.  Kay Oubridge 

.  Awena Parry 

.  Linda Snell 

Who's is this birthday party???? Left to right: Kay Emery, Linda Bailey, Janice Archer, Awena Parry, Linda Snell, Kay Oubridge, Lois Gunning, Pat Dixon

Lois Gunning has identified the smaller blonde girl in the very front as Marylin Baggot who lived in Applegarth Drive (possibly No. 28). Apparently she had a pony which was kept at the Aldborough Road Stables. She also tells me that Alan Gyford may be able to help - ARE YOU OUT THERE ALAN? or is anyone in contact with him?

INFORMATION FROM LINDA SNELL The party is at Awena Parry's house in Applegarth Drive, Newbury Park. The little girl in the front was her next door neighbour Marilyn Baggot. Awena's sister Pat is at the very back in the far left. I'm sure you already know Kay Emery and Linda Bailey. Janice Archer is the blonde one next to Pat Parry, Pat Dixon far right, my sister Pauline (I think) far right at the back. Awena is next to Linda Bailey, then me. I think Lois Gunning may be next to Pat.
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