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1963 - 3rd Year play
Scrapbook Picture

Scrapbook Picture

.  Pamela Allard 

.  Michael Bunker 

.  Paul Butler 

.  Lesley Cox 

.  Lesley Cox 

.  Linda Fardell 

.  Barbara Hughes 

.  David Memel 

.  Janet Mickleborough/Mickelburgh 

.  Jane Oakley 

.  Teresa Scopes 

.  Helen Singer 

.  Rosalyn Ward 

From the Oakley Family:
Canít remember many of these except Lesley Cox as Red Riding Hood and Jane Oakley as Fairy Queen (masking the poor girl behind!)

and this from Hilary Gold:
Back row: from left : Michael Bunker (earrings and necklace!), Helen Singer, Pamela Allard,?, Alison Thompson, ?, Barbara Hughes, Paul Butler (with long blonde wig)
Middle row: Lesley Cox, ?, Teresa Scopes? ,Rosalyn Ward, Janet Micleburgh
Front row: ? , David Memel, ?Linda Fardell(partially hidden), Jane Oakley
Can anyone else fill in the gaps or correct me if my memory has gone a bit?

......followed by this from Jane Oakley
Back row - between Alison Thompson and Barbara Hughes is Catherine Young Middle row - between Lesley Cox and Teresa Scopes is Diane Frankland or Franklyn Bottom row on the extreme left of the picture is Gregory Insole
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