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Pic Ref: scrap043

All Dressed Up - 1950's
Scrapbook Picture

Scrapbook Picture

.  Sandy/Sandra Blackmun 

.  Hamilton Hay 

.  Richard Waskett 

Dated 1954 and could therefore be 1st year juniors in the Winter. Are they pixies perhaps; are they broomsticks-did we celebrate Hallowe'en in those days?

Note from John Roper:
I would have a guess that Scrap 043 "All Dressed Up"...... is earlier than 1954

My reason for querying it is that I have a feeling that I recognise two of the characters who were family friends of ours, and who are accurately named in pictures 51002 (Class 3A-3B), and 53004 (Class 4B or 4A). I am talking about Hamilton Hay and Richard Waskett.

The children in "All dressed up" appear to be quite a bit short of the 3rd and 4th year and yet I believe Hamilton Hay is the boy 3rd row 4th from right, (next to the girl with the buttons), and Richard Waskett is in the 2nd Row on the end wearing a blazer with large badge.

If I am right then the Scrap 043 picture must be dated about 1950? If I am wrong, then I am wrong.

The Wasketts lived in Ramsgill Drive, and it was Richard who was the 'child in pram' in my 'Dick Turpin VII Rocket' story (see Trivia Page).

Note from Sandy Blackmun
Although I couldn't be sure of the year the picture was taken I didn't start school until 1952. I am in the 3rd row from the back, 4th from the left sitting on a desk wearing a pixie outfit. In scrap051 (no 12) I am wearing the same costume
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