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Cricket Team 1948
Enlarged Scrapbook Picture
Scrapbook Picture

1.  Mr Brooks 
2.  Raymond Rouse 
3.  Malcolm? Lewin 
4.  Micky/Michael Cole  (became centre-half for Norwich City)
5.  John Clements 
6.  Peter Clarke 
7.  Tony/Anthony/Antony Morgan  (became professional with Fulham FC)
8.  Gerald Wenzel 
9.  Charles Engledow 
10.  John Barr 
11.  Geoffrey Griffiths 
12.  Ian Simmons 
Peter Clarke comments: This photograph should read Cricket Team 1948 - I am in this photograph as a member of the team and the 'whites' I am wearing were given to me by Mrs Swain (our class teacher) after we had taken the scholarship exam in Jan/Feb 1948. The whole team left the school in July 1948 to go on to High school etc.
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Amendment thanks to: Ian Simmons, John Barr, Peter Clarke


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