Enlarged Scrapbook Photo
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Pat Roper's Birthday Party, May 1947
Enlarged Scrapbook Picture
Scrapbook Picture

1.  Sheila Weller 
2.  Mavis McConnell 
3.  Janet Marshall 
4.  Pat Roper 
5.  Veronica Barratt 
6.  Audrey Denham 
7.  Sheila Purdie 
8.     Kenneth Noden
(my cousin who lived in Seven Kings and is the only non-WT subject in this photo)
9.  John Roper 
10.  Sandra Hay 
11.  David Roper 
Most of the girls standing will have been in their last year at the WT.
with thanks to Mavis McConnell:

Amendment thanks to: John Roper


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