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Shirley Oakley's Wedding 1961 or 62
Enlarged Scrapbook Picture
Scrapbook Picture

.  Shirley Oakley 
.  Jennifer Bayley 
.  Lesley/Lindsay/Lindsey Bayley  OR
.  Kathy/Kathleen Collins 
.  Brian Blackwell 
.  Roger Blackwell 
.  Kari? Walker 
*Shirley Oakley got married to Bill Emmerich at St Peter's Church in Aldborough Road, and the attached photograph was a number of her pupils and ex pupils (and anyone else who turned up!). Although I can remember faces, I can't remember anyone's name except Jennifer Bailey in the white skirt and tee shirt dead centre front. (from Tim Oakley)

**I think I recognize Kathy Collins - with pigtails 3rd.from the right in the front. She used to play percussion in the school orchestra and then went on to Redbridge Music School. To the right of her are *** Brian and then Roger Blackwell. He was in my class. 3rd. from the left is a tall girl called Kari (not sure of the spelling) Walker.We used to go to the same church - Oaks Lane Methodist. I had thought the girl in the front wasn't Jennifer Bailey but her younger sister Lesley who indeed lived just up the road from us in Leyswood Drive.However, I may be wrong. (from Jane Oakley)
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