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1959 - 1A Class Play - Miss Matthews
Enlarged Scrapbook Picture
Scrapbook Picture

1.  Alan Scopes 
2.  ?  
3.  Tony/Anthony/Antony Watkinson 
4.  Jennifer Grant 
5.  Roderick Patient 
6.  David Hughes 
7.  Martin Levan 
8.  Hilary Cox 
9.  Robert/Bob Tomlinson 
10.  Frances Selvage 
11.  Philip Gaskin 
12.  Howard Chilvers 
13.  Geoffrey Morris 
14.  Philip Parry 
15.  Peter Daniels 
16.  David Johnston 
17.  Michael Beard 
18.  Linda Stock 
19.  Barry Wood 
20.  Peter Barakan  (hidden)
21.  Gordon Joyes 
22.  Timothy Oakley 
23.  Gregory Russell 
24.  Isobel Hay 
25.  Rita Blighton 
26.  Joyce Cairncross 
27.  Lesley Calvert 
28.  Gillian Feasey 
29.  Janice White 
30.  Helen Gimple 
31.  Linda Wheeler 
32.  Jane Eagland 
33.  Sandra Walker 
Cast list provided by Tim Oakley who tells us: I was playing the North Wind, 'cause I was the only one who could do a convincing cold whilst not having a cold! Method acting even then!!!
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