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1962 - 4th Year Concert “Torbitt Saintly 17”
Enlarged Scrapbook Picture
Scrapbook Picture

5.  Janice White 
4.  Janet Court 
3.  Ann Martin  ?
2.  Christine Sigston 
1.  Nicholas Kinna 
10.  Howard Chilvers 
13.  Peter Daniels 
12.  Rita Blighton 
9.  Gregory Russell 
8.  Michael Beard 
7.  Timothy Oakley 
6.  ?  
14.  Frances Selvage 
11.  Joyce Cairncross 
15.  Jane Eagland 
From Tim Oakley: Does make you wonder who the other two were - must have been ill that day. I remember two of the pieces we played - 'When the Saints Come Marching In' and Peter Daniels (in the Acker Bilk waistcoat) played "Stranger On The Shore"
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