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1946? Barbara Rawden's 10th Birthday Party
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11.  Ann Taylor 
13.  Joan Randall 
14.  Eileen Maynard 
7.  Gillian Bear 
8.  Barbara Rawden 
9.  Joyce Middleton 
1.  Marian Thompson 
3.  Gillian Pindard 
4.  James Baker 
2.  Brenda Box 
5.  ?  
6.  Topsy ? 
10.  ?  
12.  Malcolm Rawden 
4.  Peter Clarke  OR
Most of these were pupils at William Torbitt
These children have been identified but it is not known if they were WT pupils:
5 shirley fleming (Barbara's cousin)
10 colin fleming (Barbara's cousin)
With thanks to Barbara Rawden:

Amendment thanks to: Brenda Box, Barbara Rawden herself!


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