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1959 - 4B - Elizabethan Play
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Front Row Extreme Right Heather Veronica Tonge
Comments from Heather Veronica Tonge:
I was "The Prologue" - the small figure on the extreme right of the front row, in black with a goatee beard! I had to write my own lines. I hated having to do any of this school play thing as I was terribly shy, but evidently thought good at writing. I loathed the make-up and having to act a male part. I mercifully can't remember who the well-meaning teacher was who insisted that I took part and the only lines I can remember are:
"but no-one knew, by word or deed, how these men brave and true did fight for England's Good Queen Bess, and kept her secret too"
I think after the play I had a very small sense of satisfaction and a huge amount of relief that it was over. I shook like a jelly all through the performance.

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