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1973 - Frenford Football Club win the Youth Cup Final 1-0 v Wickford
Enlarged Scrapbook Picture
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.  Robert Town 
.  Roger Ayton 
.  Ian McGregor 
.  Trevor Mbatha 
.  Mark Winterflood 
.  Gary Barnard 
Pic 1: Left to right: Top row - Robert Town*, Hilton Thompson, Roger Ayton*, Ian McGregor*, Mark Ensor, Trevor M'Botha*, Mark Winterflood*, Brian Barnard (Coach - Gary's Dad) Bottom row - John Edkins, Mark Glinwood, Carl Long, Roger Shales, Gary Barnard*, Stephen Ward. * = William Torbit Pupil Pic 2: Left to right: Mark Ensor, Carl Long, Stephen Ward, Robert Town*, Roger Ayton*, Trevor M'Batha*, Mark Winterflood*, Ian McGregor*, Gary Barnard* * = William Torbitt Pupil
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