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1st Aldborough Hatch Scouts 1953

From John Roper:

dates indicate my knowledge of who was at the WT and the year I believe they left, and I can confirm that the 1949, 1950 and 1951 dates are racing certainties.

Back row left to right: Clive Stallwood 1949, Brian Hannah, ?, Derek Evans 1948, Ken George (looking sideways)1947, Mr Wilderspin (Group SM), Ken Franklin,Mr Earwacker (helper).

Next Row: (Behind flag) Bernard Thomas 1949, Malcolm Rayner 1950, John Roper 1950, Laurence Tasker 1951, Mr Titmarsh (SM and photographer), David Clark (1st Sea Scout) 1951, ?, ?,?, Derek Williams (Sea Scout Master with hat on), Brian Greenhow 1950, Vicar (Rev. Lawrence Pickles), Alan Belcher 1950, ?, Colin Woodcock(?)1951, David Roper 1950, Colin Todd, Peter Arnold (tall scout with flag) 1947/8, Adrian Lankester (end flag) 1950,

Next Row: (starting with cub flag bearer): 6th from left (with bright hat badge and big smile) Brian Howe, Ted Cordell, ?,?,?, John Bretton (small lad with folded arms) 1951, Gerald Risby 1951, Robin Todd,

Cubs: somebody else can do these, except that the lad immediately behind the flowers on the grave is David Belcher, and the lad to the right (as you look at it) of Ted Cordell's arm I believe is a young John Daly.

NOTE FROM Jeff (AKA Godfrey James) Watts:
The “? Lad” in the trivia photo between Gary Newstrom and Derek Evans is me, Jeff (AKA Godfrey James) Watts, Queens Scout 1953. Four of us received the Queens Scout badge, myself, Derek Evans, Ken George (deceased) and Ken Franklin at Lambeth Palace from Archbishop Cardinal Jeffrey Fisher and Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan.

My dad, James Watts was Senior Scoutmaster at that time. I ..... .......3 .3 am presently working in Budapest.

Jeff Watts  

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