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Memory No. 292
Ian Davey
(@WT 1962-67)
Email: murreymaxx@gmail.com

I have lots of memories of the old school, both infant and junior, playing the recorder which I still have, acting in plays, I still have some items I made such as a leather wallet using real needles! I have some photos that I will try and email soon. Never had children by choice but have had plenty of pets, moved out to Burnham on Crouch. Now semi retired, running a cleaning company.

Memory No. 291
(@WT 1959-1965)

Miss Ferguson (Olive Oil from Pop eye) lovely lady stood by me when I sang. Mr.Young violin class, jumped up and down whilst playing scales to keep warm Mr.Davis left the class with maths questions to get on with, answer book on his desk, he was peeping through the window of the classroom to see who looked at answer book to cheat. Parents couldn't afford to send me on school trip so was put in a class younger and felt intelligent because work was easy Mr Treadway oh how I loved him, taught me cricket after school on the brilliant playing field (I am a girl and it was a boy's game) remember everyones name in my class, favourite boy of all time Alan Myers, interesting Stuart Vanning taught me about spiders & creepy crawlies under stones in playground. Mr & Mrs Bidgood (music) loved orchestra playing clarinet with Margaret Hammond smelly Mr.Eagland for his pipe smoking, yuk. Dancing in my leaving school play with Lesley Adams and Andrea Hallam, where are they now? Danced with them on stage for some time after too. Brilliant school and teachers. Love to know what careers boys had as I used to guess what they would do, I was 10 or 11 One boy I thought looked like my Dad, Brian Tucker, so many memories I could write a book. Handstands and ball in stocking at back of toilet block. Carol Conlon would not do this as she was a dancer? didn't get that! Lovely friend to have but sadly lost touch as went to different senior schools.

Memory No. 286
Janet Crawford
(@WT 1964>68)

Have many fond memories, being in the school production The King and I having to exit out of the hall doors then running round the school to get back on stage. Singing solo At the christmas concert. Teachers throwing snowballs from the top of the roof. Mr Treadway not giving the slipper to us as I was the only girl with the boys being naughty and he couldn't give a girl the slipper so I was the boys best friend for a few days. Mr Eagland, lovely teacher. Learning the violin although I wasn't very good.

Memory No. 285
Frank lampard
(@WT 1980-1987)

I was playing football and i won the football. I played for chelsea and now i play for man city

Memory No. 284
David Davies
(@WT 1965-1970)

I was upstairs and downstairs at the school I remember an old milk float lorry put in the playground for us to climb on. I fell in love with a girl that I tried gluing to her seat her surname was Cann? My first school trip was to Epping Forest On a school photo I had to hold a yellow ball. I starred in the Xmas play as Price Charming. I had to kiss my Princess who would not wake up so I shook her. I had to wear tights! For Dickens "A Christmas Carol" I sold matches. I left as we moved to the second year of the juniors having joined the infants. I remember once shouting "Mum" to one of the teachers forgetting I was at school. Happy days and memories and sorry to my class mates I never could play the recorder and just blew and played anything especially in the concerts

Memory No. 281
Chloe Knight
(@WT 2005-2010)

I left at the end of year 4, so I didn't experience the whole of William torbitt, however I did have the best teachers, and friends. Year3: miss Mosley and year4:Mrs Cohen/Mrs Singh, in fortunately the only teachers I remember. But I do remember the office lady - mrs Gould. I remember torbitt like it was yesterday, yet I haven't been there for 4 years...WOW!!! That was weird to say. But torbitt did teach me a lot, and if I'm honest it was better than the school I joined for year 5&6, due to catchment. Mrs cohens classroom was the one I remember most, and mrs kubwina (maths) we did French as the whe year in mrs cohens class at some point! I remember the year four assembly, especially one of the rehearsals, very clearly: I wasn't sure whether I was leaving school at this point yet, so I wasn't given a part in the play, but that was ok because I was fine with that. I was in charge of the music at the back of the second floor hall, and I would press play and pause when I needed to. One time I wasn't paying that much attention and mrs Cohen asked me to play, and I didn't hear, so then she said : " it's no good just sitting there like a lemon you know" and the whole year started laughing(and me). It's funny how I can remember such times at torbitt like it was yesterday like year 3: I had the part of an air stuardess and I had to say to the audience "the exits are here here here and here please put your phone on silent" then I had to say "it's the professor, I assume" to be quite honest I didn't get why the audience laughed, and honestly, I still don't. The most vivid part of that play I have in my head is the end, where we had to get the audience to sing "oh, I do like to be beside the seaside" and there was a giant cue cards that me and someone else had to point to. These are my most memorable memories of torbitt, and I hope to see all of my old teachers and friends soon again. And if your reading this, any of you, hello! I'll hopefully be at this years summer fete, so maybe I'll see you there!

Memory No. 272
Mike Rogers
(@WT 1963-1968)

I have nothing but great memories of William Torbitt. my fondest memories are being in Mr Shafers class, he was great and taught us all to sing waltzing matilda. I also remember the fear that in the third year I was going to be in Mr Eaglands class but the fear was short lived as he turned out to be the best teacher in the whole of my school career. He took us camping on the isle of White and the Isle of Man and I was in his class for two great years. if only I had a time machine to go back to those days. I remember some of the other pupils (some with very fond memories) but overall it was a great time in my life.(even though they didn't teach me to spell)

Memory No. 269
Jason Smith
(@WT 1973 - 1979)

Long summers on the playing fields, 'flipping' over the fence on the way to school dinner (and cutting my head open). WT was great and I loved to learn there. My secondary school killed education for me until I was about twenty six. Miss O'Keefe, Mrs McDonagh, Mr Reid and Mr Griffin.

Memory No. 263
Rosemary Connell
(@WT 1960_1966)

Going on trips with MR Treadway, carnaby St was one,great teacher!

Memory No. 262
Rosemary Connell
(@WT 1960_1966)
Email: rosemary_dookhith@hotmail.com

Mr Treadway

Memory No. 261
Roy Kennedy
(@WT 1959-1963)
Email: roykennedy963@gmail.com

So many memories, all good! Great teachers who taught discipline and respect as well astheir subjects. Learning to play the violin with Mr Young on Saturday mornings, and playing in the orchestra. Taking part in school plays. Mr Davies leading the football team to many successes and trophies. Mr Bidgood coaching the cricket team and winning the President's Trophy. Christmas Carol Services at the church. Travelling to school on route 66 or 139 buses. Buying sweets in the shop near the subway. Getting to school by alternative methods during the bus strike. Seeing a partial eclipse from the playground. Watching a skywriting aeroplane from the same playground. Learning how to make balsa wood models with Mr Eagland, and him building large balsa and tissue gliders and flying them on the playing field. Mr Eagland organising my classmates to all write a letter to me when I was in KGV Hospital with suspected appendicitis in 1961. Also being taken home by Mr Cowan when he wanted to have a chat with my father about my education and frequent illnesses. It was a great school, and I shall always be grateful for the solid grounding it gave me. I passed the 11+ and went on to Wanstead County High for my O levels.

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