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Memory No. 261
Roy Kennedy
(@WT 1959-1963)
So many memories, all good! Great teachers who taught discipline and respect as well astheir subjects. Learning to play the violin with Mr Young on Saturday mornings, and playing in the orchestra. Taking part in school plays. Mr Davies leading the football team to many successes and trophies. Mr Bidgood coaching the cricket team and winning the President's Trophy. Christmas Carol Services at the church. Travelling to school on route 66 or 139 buses. Buying sweets in the shop near the subway. Getting to school by alternative methods during the bus strike. Seeing a partial eclipse from the playground. Watching a skywriting aeroplane from the same playground. Learning how to make balsa wood models with Mr Eagland, and him building large balsa and tissue gliders and flying them on the playing field. Mr Eagland organising my classmates to all write a letter to me when I was in KGV Hospital with suspected appendicitis in 1961. Also being taken home by Mr Cowan when he wanted to have a chat with my father about my education and frequent illnesses. It was a great school, and I shall always be grateful for the solid grounding it gave me. I passed the 11+ and went on to Wanstead County High for my O levels.

Memory No. 259
stephanie hall
(@WT 1967-73)
Mr Rowe reading stories while we drank our milk from bottles with a straw.He gave every character a different voice. I will never forget.I love reading, thank you.I did the same with my kids 2 have gone on to get drama degrees

Memory No. 258
Irene Donnelly
(@WT 1937-1940)
We moved to one of the nearby new houses in 1935 and I spent two years awaiting the completion of William Torbitt and the most important subway. I joined the newly opened school in 1937 aged seven years. We were all thrilled to be part of the beautifully equipped building and the teaching staff were young and enthusiastic. I have a memory of the Empire Day ceremony. The school assembled around the flag. We were wearing our best clothes. We sang hymns and songs and then listened to talks and speeches. I guess they were reminding us how lucky we were to be British. At the close we marched past and saluted the flag. Is there anyone who was there that day?

Memory No. 257
Graham Brailey
(@WT 1965 - 1970)
Loving school, getting a lift to school in Lee Hyams Dads Taxi, walking all the way home to Little Heath and playing in "Happpy Valley" on the way. Getting picked to play for the school football team for the first time and it getting postponed! The Annual fete and the ghostly basement on that day. Mr Lichfield, Mr Cowan, Miss Gay (?), Many great memories...

Memory No. 256
Elisha Wolfe-Ferguson
(@WT 2002>2008)
Hi guys its Elisha i used to go to this school my friends were Desting,Sasha,Olivia,John ect.. i now go to a school in Dagenham called Robert clack my new friends are Ellis, Tyler, Mary ect.. i still keep n touch with some of my old friends... I miss you!!

Memory No. 255
Janet Morgan
(@WT 1956-57)
Walking behind Colin Jones with Ann Terry in the playground singing "You cant be true to two". We were both his girl friends. Also sports day seeing all the teachers having a race. Especially remember Mr & Mrs Bidgood with their enthusiasm for music, as I was in the chior. I loved the Head Mr Cowan he was strict but very fair. Both my children have been to William Torbitt and so has my grandson. So I have some very special memories and wish I could go back there. I had a very happy time. All my family have had a very good education there so thank you.

Memory No. 254
Sam Gallagher-Wright
(@WT 2000-2007)
William Torbitt Primary School was quite an ambiguous experience! Haha! To Miss Moseley, who hated me for reasons that still perplex me to this day, and the lovely Miss England. The Sports Days were tolerable though!!

Memory No. 253
bijel mahtani
(@WT 2004-2010)
when i went to a tag rugby match with mr jeffery and i made TOUCH DOWN!!!!!! the other team were so angry lol

Memory No. 252
bijel mahtani
(@WT 2006>10)
i loved wiliam torbit but nw i hav got new frends lyk kyle

Memory No. 251
(@WT 1997-2004)
I remember drawing a picture in year 3, for the board outside the entrance of the school that says welcome to william torbitt .. i think. Its still there! I was proud of the picture! Its the biggest and the most colourful one :D

Memory No. 249
michelle catherine newton
(@WT 1975 81)
hot summers n sportsdays on the fields n lots of daddylonglegs landing on our hair lol the school plays being age 5 and sharing a boyfriend who thought he was a robot his name was jake hee plenty of happy memories including silver jubilee

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