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Entry Number: 5206
Date: 11-JUNE-2017
Author: Margaret Peacock
Subject: Just discovered the site

I was delighted to come across this site today. Loved looking through the old photos. Pleased to meet Jean Young at one of the reunions. Was in contact with Brenda Graisgour for a while some years back and renewed acquaintance with Liz DeBere at college in 1967 but lost touch now. I recognised many faces in the photos and even recalled many names. Would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me

Entry Number: 5205
Date: 4-APRIL-2017
Author: Mark Owen
Subject: lost form class picture
Email: jayneowen250@yahoo.co.uk

Hi William Torbitt School site, I have been looking today at all the class form photos that have been posted from the 1960s. Unfortuaintly looks like my class isn't there. My form teacher was in the picture, and her Name was Mrs Jenkins, I was at the back row on the left standing next to Paul Turell who lived next door to me at Freshwell Avenue Little Heath. The photo was black and white and taken outside next to the Assembly hall which was in the background. Mrs Richardson was the head I think

Entry Number: 5203
Date: 6-JULY-2016
Author: Julia White

Lovely to see some old photos and people that I still remember. I would love to hear more information as and when it becomes available. If any of my old school friends would like to make contact I would be happy to hear from them in particular Janet & Sandra Kidd, Barbara Blows Dinah Williams Susan Cunningham but just a few.

Entry Number: 5204
Date: 23-JUNE-2016
Author: Fred Collins

Greetings from Canada. I just found your website and decided to send you an email. I was one of the first pupils at William Torbitt Primary School. I lived at 40 Crownfield Avenue, Newbury Park and first attended Downshall Road Primary School starting in January, 1936, just after my 5th birthday. My recollection is that, living on the other side of Southend Road (I think that was the name at that time), I was automatically transferred to the brand new William Torbitt School when it was first opened, which I believe would have been in early 1937. I know that I left the school only a few weeks later as my parents moved to Slough, Bucks (now Berks) in April or May 1937. My only recollection of my time there was of my mother meeting me after school in the afternoon with my first two wheeled bicycle and holding on to the back of the saddle as I peddled back to my home. After a couple of days, she let go of the saddle and I peddled home on my own but could not figure out how to get off, so I circled around in front of my house until my mother caught up with me and helped me dismount, Arriving in Slough, I attended the Farnham Royal School and received a scholarship to Slough Grammar School for Boys, obtaining my Oxford School Certificate and London University Matriculation in 1947. Shortly after that I came to Canada with my parents and had a 42 year career in banking. I have been retired for 26 years, am in good health and, following a couple of years in the Air Training Corp which peaked my interest in flying, have flown my own Cessna 180 for over 42 years. My late wife and I travelled extensively and I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had stayed in England after the war. My best wishes to you and any and all first pupils of William Torbitt Primary School. Fred Collins Parksville, B.C. Canada

Entry Number: 5202
Date: 2-JULY-2015
Author: Sharon Simons (now Cohen)
Email: sharon.cohen1@ntlworld.com

I would love to arrange a renunion with classmate as at 53, it's time for a catch up. I believe some of you are scattered accross the world - Geoffrey Sutton in USA and Steven Ward on an island somewhere. Sadly not all of us are still around. Do please get in touch if you fancy a get together.

Entry Number: 5201
Date: 15-MAY-2015
Author: Rich
Subject: William Torbit School Reunion on facebook!

In case anyone is interested click here once logged into facebook and join us :-) https://www.facebook.com/groups/193231830717574

Entry Number: 5199
Date: 25-JANUARY-2014
Author: Rosemary Connell
Subject: class 4a Mr Treadway
Email: rosemary_dookhith@hotmail.com

I have been looking at the photo 1966/67' I was surprised to remember so many names.It was lovely to read Mr Treadway,s comments about us,I do remember the visit of the explorer,also a trip to Carnaby St,I think we were even taken on school trips on Saturday! He was a lovely teacher,I remember the books,especially Lion Witch Wardrobe.

Entry Number: 5198
Date: 21-OCTOBER-2013
Author: Ian lincoln
Subject: Great Memories

Just stumbled across this site today, great memories and wonderful to see pics of all my young classmates. My older brother and sister also went to Torbitt and it was a surprise to see school photo's of them I've never seen.

Entry Number: 5197
Date: 29-DECEMBER-2012
Author: Geoffrey Gillon
Subject: Entry Number: 5194
Email: geoffrey.r.gillon@talk21.com

e-mail address for Julie Harris no longer valid-tried to reply to her postbag message . Entry Number: 5194 Date: 30-APRIL-2012 Author: Julie Harris Subject: Reminiscing :)

Entry Number: 5195
Date: 22-MAY-2012
Author: Arthur Stroud
Subject: Old friends

If anybody remembers me from the old school I would be glad to here from them? The photo's take one back to the good old days. My sister Dorothy was also at the school two years older than me.


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