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Post Bag
Entry Number: 5197
Date: 29-DECEMBER-2012
Author: Geoffrey Gillon
Subject: Entry Number: 5194
Email: geoffrey.r.gillon@talk21.com

e-mail address for Julie Harris no longer valid-tried to reply to her postbag message . Entry Number: 5194 Date: 30-APRIL-2012 Author: Julie Harris Subject: Reminiscing :)

Entry Number: 5195
Date: 22-MAY-2012
Author: Arthur Stroud
Subject: Old friends

If anybody remembers me from the old school I would be glad to here from them? The photo's take one back to the good old days. My sister Dorothy was also at the school two years older than me.

Entry Number: 5194
Date: 30-APRIL-2012
Author: Julie Harris
Subject: Reminiscing :)
Email: jules@hargray.com

Hi, I have just noticed this site and have read the postbag messages with interest. I was in the Netball Team and I think Janice Archer was in my team too, along with Valerie Snooks, Kay Oubridge, Margaret Mayhew, Susan Crisp(My BFF). I think Rita Tucker, David Prentice and Terence Turner were among some of the Students in my class too. I do have the Netball Photo we all had together along with some of my yearly Classrom photos, some of my Teahcer's being: Mr Bigwood, Mr Ellis, Miss Matthews. If anyone wants to get in touch after all these years, I would be happy to hear from you.

Entry Number: 5192
Date: 10-NOVEMBER-2011
Author: Robin Reeve
Subject: V2 strike in Aldborough Road
Email: robin.reeve@ntlworld.com

I was 6 weeks old (Jan 1945) when what I was later told was a V2 fell in fields over the road from our house in Aldborough Road causing structural damage and breaking windows in many houses in the area, including our own. (these fields later became Ford's Sports ground). The large crater left in the fields was used by the local kids as a playground. Can anyone confirm that the incident was a V2 strike?

Entry Number: 5191
Date: 6-NOVEMBER-2011
Author: Terence Wright
Email: terenciano@me.com

Everything was wonderful until WWII. Being evacuated to three different locations, starting work at fourteen, then, later doing National Service made better young people of us. Is the WT have a 75th anniversary this year? If so, at 83 years of age, I might just make the effort to attend.Are there many of Miss Honey's class on the Internet?

Entry Number: 5189
Date: 26-AUGUST-2011
Author: David Morriss
Subject: Back in contact with William Torbitt former pupils
Email: dave--morris@hotmail.co.uk

I am back again to converse with old classmates etc

Entry Number: 5188
Date: 14-AUGUST-2011
Author: Mandy Hirsch
Subject: Best Memories...

I loved every moment I was at William Torbett. My friend all 4 years I was there was Jane King.

Entry Number: 5186
Date: 16-MARCH-2011
Author: Rich

PLEASE COME ALONG, COPY AND PAIST THIS LINK IN YOUR BROWSER, WE ARE ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_193231830717574

Entry Number: 5185
Date: 16-MARCH-2011
Author: Rich
Subject: William Torbit Reunion NOW ON FACEBOOK

VISIT http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_193231830717574 FOR MORE DETAILS!

Entry Number: 5184
Date: 24-FEBRUARY-2011
Author: Lesley Calvert
Subject: Still local

Hi, I am still very local and would love to meet up with some old school friends, please keep me posted. Look for me on the Contacts Page.


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