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Post Bag
Entry Number: 5182
Date: 14-DECEMBER-2010
Author: Geoffrey Gillon
Subject: Malcolm Bidgood

Just to say I had a Christmas Card from Malcolm today. He is currently living in Leatherhead but expects to return to Spain in February where he will spend at least six months

Entry Number: 5181
Date: 19-MARCH-2010
Author: Matthew Hibberd
Subject: Jose alonso

I also remember those days chasing the girls in the playground. Teresa White was the girl who surname you could not remember. If you recall I had a twin brother John and we was always dressed the same thanks to my wonderful mother. We used to live in the flats at Suffolk Court just of Aldborough Road. What great times they where.

Entry Number: 5180
Date: 26-JANUARY-2010
Author: Frederick D Cotter

As one person who was never evacuated, there were about 15 children left in the whole of Newbury Park and we eventually had lessons in a teacher's home, opposite Downshall school where the bridge is? Meads Lane. I was transferred from Downshall but do not remember anyone in the only photo, I am sorry to say. The only thing is we had individual photos I am sure then, I would note that is the first school you could go to the toilet without getting wet! And note the boy Jack Shrope terrible accident in the underpass, on his small pedal bike, his face was permanently smashed in. As we went to London nearly daily I also was in the Mile End when it went up in smoke, also when the land mine killed all the airmen outside the pub in the road by the school, and when the 1000 lb bomb landed outside the Green Gate Pub, which made all the traffic by pass our shop in Ley Street so I always got a free lift to school then. This was in 1940, from memory. I emigrated to Tasmania in 1985, leaving behind 4 kids 9 grand kids, and now 3 great grand kids, and only wished I had made it 1950 when I wanted to come. I would be pleased to hear from any one if they have not karked it yet of course Regards Fredk. D. Cotter All my details are my web sites www.tasmania-real-estate.com this leads into our Bali site, enter ninetieth years in July, and still manage a 50-60 hour week, or even just put in frederick d. cotter into google cheers. Hope some old school friends still around to hear from, love to come to a reunion, but my teacher lady in a wheel chair now.

Entry Number: 5179
Date: 16-JANUARY-2010
Subject: Oaks Lane Estate
Email: DAVID-.MORRIS@hotmail.co.uk

Hello again, I am trying to gather some imformation regarding any young radio comedy fans back in the 5o,s who no doubt were pupils at WTS who listened to the GOON SHOW comedy series and lived in the neighbourhood of Leyswood Drive around that time ago. My late father was the head sound effects man on the show for over 10 years and my task is to gather up any memories of Dad and the show in particular. Dave Morris

Entry Number: 5178
Date: 7-JANUARY-2010
Subject: Rodney Kitchen
Email: DAVID-.MORRIS@hotmail.co.uk

Hi All, Having only recently got back on line, I had noticed that Rodney Kitchen was trying to find the whereabouts of Glyn Morris and some other of his old school mates. Rod, if you are checking into this Post bag item ,Glyn is alive and well living in Dartmouth ,Devon .Use my email contact as Glyn only uses a cell phone.Cheers from Dave Morris

Entry Number: 5177
Date: 14-OCTOBER-2009
Author: David Goodliff
Subject: Mr. Windle

Steve, you know me - my younger sister was in your class 1 year below me. Mike Windle was a controversial headmaster with many parents at that time. He was actually in post from summer 1970 until April '74 according to the school diaries. I agree that headmaster Tom Cowan (1947 - '70) was a hard act to follow. Tom was known as a strict headmaster by the kids at the time, but everybody new that Tom was a good headmaster and good at his job. That was my family's perception anyway. It appears that many of the teachers appointed by Tom - prematurely departed during Mike's tenure. Around 10 years ago I met up with the late David Youles who was my 2nd year Juniors teacher. David spoke very highly of Tom Cowan - but left in 1974 too. I guess you could say that teachers move on to develop their careers, but the school diaries clearly indicate an acceleration in teacher turnover after Tom left. Geoff Gillon explained to me a while back that many photographs donated to the school and displayed in the school corridors (incl. those donated by long-standing teacher Malcolm Bidgood) were removed by Mike and allegedly later lost. I am led to believe that the teachers who had donated these photographs/records were very aggreived by the occurences. Mike definitely introduced new philosophies - and clues to this remain in the school diaries. Many of the teachers appear to have voted with their feet, and as you say, the parents seem often to have been aggreived with the upheaval too. Personally, I believe 1970 was a watershed year when Tom's 23 years of success peaked and closed, and more difficult years for the school generally were to follow. As well as staff and parent unrest, there were other organisational changes happening too. Ilford/LB Redbridge's long-standing Director of Education Gilbert Miles had retired in 1969 (who was a friend of Tom's apparently), and part of the school field on the Aldborough Road boundary was lost to development in 1971. One of the school football pitches went with it. A special needs school was built for the Borough there. I remember clearly the field being cordoned off with contractor's chestnut pale boundary fencing - and the excavation and earthworks being commenced for foundations in 1971/72. I came to see it as a disgrace that the kids lovely school field amenity was being carved up forever. The 'school garden' was later lost too. As you can see I feel quite strongly about a lot of the negative change that happened with the departure of Gilbert, Tom, and the loss of that lovely field. Hope this helps you ..... Cheers, David.

Entry Number: 5176
Date: 26-SEPTEMBER-2009
Author: Stephen Trump
Subject: Mr Windle

I have not seen much written about Michael Windle, the Head Master of the Junior school from 1971 - 74 which covered my 2nd - 4th years. With the benefit of hindsight, it seems a very short span for a Head Teacher to remain in the post although at the time for a boy of that age it seemed like an eternity ! I do wonder what the circumstances were that led to his departure. A number of things happened during Mr Windle's tenure that my parents disagreed with very strongly. The main issue was the way in which maths was taught. Instead of the 'traditional' methods, 'new' methods were enforced which did not set us off very well for secondary school (hence my parents objection). The general atmosphere at the school changed and seemed to be more relaxed which was not a good thing. Finally, there appeared to be a ban on class photographs for some reason and it can be seen from the gallery here that no class photos for the Junior school exist during that period which is a great pity (I was in 2W - Mrs Witham, 3C - Miss Cowper and 4R - Mr Rowe). Pictures of Mr Windle himself seem to be absent too, although I can still picture him in school, occasionally accompanied by his dog. I guess Mr Cowan was a very hard act to follow (although for the one year when he was Headmaster when I was in the 1st year I was terrified of him !). I would be very interested to hear anyone else's recollection of Mr Windle. Regards, Steve Trump

Entry Number: 5173
Date: 13-MAY-2009
Author: Shannon Margaret Henry
Subject: Hello again
Email: henrybabe95@hotmail.com

Just Want To Say Thank You To All My Teacher's And Everyone At WTPS And I Am Getting On Great At The New School Missing You Load's Tho :(

Entry Number: 5172
Date: 13-MAY-2009
Author: Shannon Margaret
Subject: Hello
Email: henrybabe95@hotmail.com

Hello It's Been A Long Time Since I Left The School Wonder How Everyone Is Gettin On Hope To Come Nd See You Soon Love Shannon

Entry Number: 5171
Date: 25-FEBRUARY-2009
Author: Lesley Greenhorne (nee Dilley)
Subject: old classmates

My brother (Trevor Dilley) is staying with me in Bristol for a few days and we are reminiscing over our William Torbitt schooldays. We would like to send our regards to any classmates who may remember us from the 50's.


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