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Post Bag
Entry Number: 5171
Date: 25-FEBRUARY-2009
Author: Lesley Greenhorne (nee Dilley)
Subject: old classmates

My brother (Trevor Dilley) is staying with me in Bristol for a few days and we are reminiscing over our William Torbitt schooldays. We would like to send our regards to any classmates who may remember us from the 50's.

Entry Number: 5170
Date: 24-FEBRUARY-2009
Author: Rodney Kitchen
Subject: William Torbitt website
Email: rod.k@cavewaves.com

wow!! it was so great to be in touch with the site and being able to access the school photo (50005/19)I still remember kids in the photo including Lesley Grimmet who I shared love notes with !! Kieran Johnson,Glyn Morris, Ronnie Harman plus many more. W.T was a great school and I have many nice memories of my brief time there (any news of Lesley Grimmett or any one who may remember me) regards to all who made the site possible Rod Kitchen (ID is 1855) Teachers I remember there were Mr Egland,Miss Herd Mr Cowan Mr Douglas a New Zealander who taught us a Maori folk song I remember to this day!Mr Bidgood was our music teacher who taught a song I also remember any way thanks again for this site.

Entry Number: 5169
Date: 2-FEBRUARY-2009
Author: Pauline
Subject: Thank you

Thanks to Geoff for birthday greetings - Australia was wonderful! Must now get back to work - all the info that people sent while I was away will be included/updated on the website as soon as I have time. Pauline

Entry Number: 5168
Date: 11-JANUARY-2009
Author: Geoffrey Gillon
Subject: birthday greetings
Email: geoffrey.r.gillon@talk21.com

It is nearly midnight as I write this- sending greetings to our brilliant webmistress who at this time is enjoying the summer sun in far off Australia! Best Wishes from Geoff

Entry Number: 5167
Date: 11-AUGUST-2008
Author: Pauline (Web)
Subject: Apologies

Apologies to anyone who tried to add messages over the past few days. I had to rebuild the entire server (over 30 websites and corresponding email addresses) due to a hacker.

Entry Number: 2018
Date: 24-MARCH-2008
Author: David Goodliff
Subject: Tom Cowan memorial gates

Further to the conversation I had with Geoff Hill at the School Reunion 2007, I hope the school gets around to fully restoring the the Tom Cowan (1970) memorial gates entrance to the school garden. Geoff H. - my restoration offer remains open if you wish.

Entry Number: 2017
Date: 24-FEBRUARY-2008
Author: Geoff Gillon
Subject: St. Peterís Church - Aldborough Hatch

Former pupils who lived near, and/or attended St. Peterís may be interested to know that Ron Jeffries has produced a fine history of the church in a delightful little booklet, lavishly illustrated with colour photographs. It is selling for only £1.50 and will be on sale at the Flower Festival where Christmas Cards featuring his photos of the church will also be available.

The booklet is on sale at £1.50 per copy. All profits on the sale will go to St. Peterís Church.
Copies may be ordered from Ron Jeffries, 37 Spearpoint Gardens, Aldborough Road North, Aldborough Hatch, ILFORD, Essex IG2 7SX (TEL: 020 8599 7250).
Cheques should be made payable to St. Peterís Church. Please add postage within the UK as follows: one/two copies Ė 24p; three/four copies Ė 40p; five/six copies Ė 60p.
St. Peter's BROADSHEET may be viewed at http://www.stpetersah.org.uk/

Entry Number: 1983
Date: 12-FEBRUARY-2008
Author: Haseem Shah
Subject: My teachers

I would like to give a big thank you to all of my teachers at William Torbitt: Mrs Mullinger, Ms Moseley, Mrs Blaize, Ms England, Mr Harris, Mrs Dignon, Mr Bell and Mrs Kay. Every staff personnel helped in my steps to secondary school.

Entry Number: 1982
Date: 12-FEBRUARY-2008
Author: Haseem Shah
Subject: Ilford County

Hi Miss Moseley, Mrs Blaize and Miss Reynolds! I am doing great in my first year at ICHS, the schoolwork is quite fun and i am learning a lot. I always think about William Torbitt and i miss the school but i am very happy at ICHS.

Entry Number: 1871
Date: 10-JANUARY-2008
Author: geoffrey gillon
Subject: a special birthday 11th January 2008

sincere best wishes to Pauline who does such a magnificent job creating and maintaining this web site. Happy 60th tomorrow!


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