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Memory No. 247
Sheila Savill
(@WT 1960>1967)
Email: johnshe55@yahoo.co.uk

I remember the beautiful garden with a fishpond in the juniors,in the summertime we sometimes had lessons there, where we read & drew pictures...it was lovely & will always stay in my memory. We were so lucky being at William Torbitt then because we had the playing fields too.

Memory No. 246
(@WT 2003>10)

i remember in year 5, we went to kew gardens while the rest went to Norfolk, we had a great time. i miss william torbitt and i would do anythimg in the world to relive a moment while i was in that special school.

Memory No. 245
(@WT 2010)

i remeber in year 5 when we were doing a science experiment with baloons and we went out in the huge field and some of my class mates and Mr Pasterfield had to pop the baloon and see if the light was faster or the sound of the pop the we found out that the light was millions faster and my prediction (guess)was right

Memory No. 244
(@WT 2004)

when i was a child i remember going to the church

Memory No. 243
Bob Bradely
(@WT 1989>94)
Email: haseem8@hotmail.com

I remeber the time when I had golden time and i used to have alot of special fun with my best friend Ryan. We where alwyas together and i want to be with him now :)

Memory No. 242
(@WT 2002-2008)

William Torbitt was absolutely great!!!!!! :D

Memory No. 241
Olivia Tutu
(@WT 2000-2008)

hi i miss wtps i miss all my friends just a big shout out 2 all my teachers!! my friends were: Elisha, John, Shiv, Charlie, Ellie, Olivia and everybody else who was in my class and in the school. im doing so well in Vhadwell heath academy! made lots of new friends!!! form tutor: Mr Clarke! wtps ws the best school ive ever been toooo! ive really missed every one!! form: 9B! from Olivia

Memory No. 240
Olivia Tutu
(@WT 2000>2008)

I started there when i was 4 and its was the best school i ever wnt to!!!! Everyone was my friend and i was theres!

Memory No. 239
Deepika Selvaranjan
(@WT 2000 - 2008)

I LOVE W.T.P.S!!! I Love All My Teachers =] They Were So Nice. I Can Remember Like Nearly All My Teachers. Nursery: Loads Of Teachers, Reception (RC): Ms Elestone, Year 1 (1D): Ms Jones, Year 2 (2G): Ms Hinds, Year 3 (3H): Mrs Westcott, Year 4 (4O): Mr Broyd, Year 5 (5Q): Ms England & Year 6 (6S): Mrs Blaize !! =] Had So Much Fun Time, It Was The Best School, Is The Best School And Forever Will Be The Best School. If I Had The Chance To Go Back, I Would Run Back!! <3 W.T.P.S Lovee Ms Burd As Well. We Made Plants In Year3, And We Made Bookmarks, They All Came Out So Beautiful! My Best Friends Were: Deepa Patel, Olivia Th, Maria Younes & Charlie Stewart. Oh And I Remember The Funny Times With Mrs Blaize And With Reais Mer. I Love The Hieroglyphics We Did In Year 6, It Was Amazing. I Miss And Love Ms Kyprianou So Much, She Taught Us How To Do Cats Cradle!! =] I Now Go To SKHS Miss You Lot So Much!!!

Memory No. 238
Charlie Stewart
(@WT 2000-08)

I have so many good memories that i dont have enough time to write them all ! i had so much fun at william torbitt and the all the puppies have grown up - we kept two, now pipers had puppies too ! i'll come to visit as soon as i can. im in year 8 now and im 13 and i miss torbitt so much, primary school was so easy.. and we didn't have to tuck our shirts in (Y) I miss all my friends and i've lost contact with most of them, Olivia, Leia, Deepika and vicky :) (L) Charlie Stewart. Yr1>Ms.Drew Yr2>Ms.Virdee yr3>Mrs.Westcott yr4>Mr.Broyd yr5>Ms.England Yr6>Ms.Blaize.

Memory No. 237
Luxshana Shoghikaran (@WT)
(@WT 1998>2006)

I love the school it was realli fun haha and the sports daii,year six concert was fun 2 and i miss the teachers there....food was awesome too

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