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Memory No. 237
Luxshana Shoghikaran (@WT)
(@WT 1998>2006)
I love the school it was realli fun haha and the sports daii,year six concert was fun 2 and i miss the teachers was awesome too

Memory No. 236
Luxshana Shoghikaran
(@WT 1998-2006)
I remembered the year six concert and the sports day,it was soo fun ,i miss my firends there and i love the food their aswell lmao.:)

Memory No. 235
(@WT 2001-2006)
i remember loads of things from that school but the day i left i got two lots of cake from the dinner laddys.. mrs stevens sighned my top :D and me nd charlie just sat in the coridoor and wouldnt go to lesson because we were to upset xx

Memory No. 234
Nisha Bhamra
(@WT 2000>2008)
haha william torbitt was jokes!!! In reception i had Miss Harvey then Miss Achurst In year 1 Miss Drew In year 2 Mrs Virdee In year 3 Mrs Westcott In year 4 Mr Broyd In year 5 Miss England In year 6 Mrs Blaize the only ones left are miss blaize and miss england!

Memory No. 233
Frederick D Cotter
(@WT 1937)
As one person who was never evacuated, there were about 15 children left in the whole of Newbury Park and we eventually had lessons in a teacher's home, opposite Downshall school where the bridge is? Meads Lane. I was transferred from Downshall but do not remember anyone in the only photo, I am sorry to say. The only thing is we had individual photos I am sure then, I would note that is the first school you could go to the toilet without getting wet! And note the boy Jack Shrope terrible accident in the underpass, on his small pedal bike, his face was permanently smashed in. As we went to London nearly daily I also was in the Mile End when it went up in smoke, also when the land mine killed all the airmen outside the pub in the road by the school, and when the 1000 lb bomb landed outside the Green Gate Pub, which made all the traffic by pass our shop in Ley Street so I always got a free lift to school then. This was in 1940, from memory. I emigrated to Tasmania in 1985, leaving behind 4 kids 9 grand kids, and now 3 great grand kids, and only wished I had made it 1950 when I wanted to come. I would be pleased to hear from any one if they have not karked it yet of course.
Fredk. D. Cotter
All my details are my web sites this leads into our Bali site, enter ninetieth years in July, and still manage a 50-60 hour week, or even just put in frederick d. cotter into google cheers.
Hope some old school friends still around to hear from, love to come to a reunion, but my teacher lady in a wheel chair now.

Memory No. 232
Rosalie Perl
(@WT 1998-2002)
i started there when i was 4 and left when i was in year 3, i loved william torbit haha and i remember people crying in our class when it was mine and my twin brothers last day, we left cos we moved out of london but whilst we were there it was quite funny, i want to know who remembers me but i cant remember anyones last names haha, i remember like one teacher... mrs. heinz, i loved her! lol... good memories

Memory No. 212
Riahanna Grazette
(@WT 1999>2005)
Had such a good time in Torbiit defo the best primary school. Hi Jess u may not remember. i think we were in the same class, i remember when u left and the golden jubilee was so good. oh and i remember Leah that your year got to go Isle of White and mine didnt =[ Riahanna Grazette

Memory No. 211
Leah Roberts
(@WT 1999>2006)
I used to go to william torbitt, it was a great school. Does anyone remeber the isle of white trip in year 5,, it was soo good!!

Memory No. 210
(@WT year 6 2008)
all good memory at willian torbitt ia good

Memory No. 206
(@WT 2004 - 2006)
Raahh Did iAtcually Write Daht Foolishness Below? How Gay Was i :) Bout Safe Skeen OhMy.

Memory No. 205
Nisha Bhamra
(@WT 2000-2008)
God I miss William Torbitt. I'm at Oaks Park now, and I want to tell all my primary friends I miss them!

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