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 How to Register with this site:

  1. Click on this button

  2. Another window will open with a Registration Form

  3. Fill in the boxes on the form as necessary

  4. Click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom

 How to Add a Message:

  1. Click on Message Board at the top of the window

  2. Click on Create a New Message

  3. Complete ALL the boxes

  4. The date MUST be in DD/MM/YY format (i.e. 05/03/02) - if the date is not in this format your message will  be lost

  5. Click on SAVE MESSAGE

 How to Add a Memory:

  1. Click on Memories at the top of the window

  2. Click on Add a Memory

  3. Complete ALL the boxes

  4. Click on ADD MEMORY


You can do the first part of this while you are off-line.

  1. Open Notepad (in Win98 -  START - PROGRAMS - ACCESSORIES - NOTEPAD)

  2. Type your Personal Notes or Message or Memory

  3. Select all the text and go to EDIT and then COPY

  4. Go on-line, open the Torbitt website and navigate to the entry form you need

  5. Put the cursor in the blank Personal Notes or Message or Memory box (click inside the blank box)

  6. Hold down CONTROL+V

  7. The text you copied from Notepad should now appear in the box

  8. Don't forget to fill in the other fields!

  9. Click the SUBMIT, SAVE MESSAGE or ADD MEMORY button

 How to Search for Contacts:

  1. Click on Contact Page at the top of the window

  2. To search for a particular name enter EITHER all or part of first name OR surname (not both!) and click the SEARCH button

  3. You can also see the latest additions or the full list by clicking on the appropriate links.

 Guidance Notes for Emailing Pictures:

  1. First check that a similar photo is not already on the site.
  2. Photos should be submitted in JPG format suitable for the PC
  3. Scan at 300 dots per inch if possible.
  4. If the photo is curled then weight the lid of the scanner with a heavy book!
  5. Scale to no larger than 800 pixels wide (no larger than 300k file size if possible)
  6. Email them as attachments - one at a time.
  7. The name of file should reflect the title of the picture!
    (eg "1965class3b.jpg" rather than "school.jpg").  
  8. Please supply year taken and name of class
  9. The photo can then be included in the website and you can use the form that is below it to enter the names in the correct positions.
  10. ....and note that we reserve the right to reject pictures - usually either because it is a subject already covered or due to quality

 Tip for seeing the latest version of the site:

If you think you may not be seeing the updates then it is probably because the site's pages are stored in your browser's memory (the cache).


For Internet Explorer users:

  1. At the top of your browser window go to TOOLS and then INTERNET OPTIONS - you will see a window similar to the one shown below:


  2. Click on DELETE FILES

  3. This will clear the cache

  4. You can also click on SETTINGS



  6. Click on OK to close the windows

  7. At the top of your browser window click on REFRESH

For FireFox users:

  1. At the top menu bar, click on TOOLS then OPTIONS
  2. Select the ADVANCED panel.
  3. Click on the NETWORK tab.
  4. In the OFFLINE STORAGE section, click CLEAR NOW.
  5. Click OK to close the Options window

For Safari users:

Press Control-Alt-E, and then click Empty.


For Chrome users:

  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click the Under the Hood tab.
  4. Click Clear browsing data.
  5. Select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
  6. Use the "Clear data from this period" menu to select the amount of data that you want to delete.
  7. Click Clear browsing data.

For Netscape users:

  1. At the top of your browser window to to EDIT and then PREFERENCES - you will see a window similar to the one below:

  2. Double click on Advanced

  3. Click on Cache

  4. Click on Clear Memory Cache

  5. Click on Clear Disk Cache

  6. Click on OK to close the window

  7. At the top of the browser window click on Reload

Registrations, memories and postbag and other updates are carried out by volunteers and may be delayed.
Thank you for your patience.

If you send email, please ensure that "WILLIAM TORBITT" is in the subject line so that your mail does not get caught in a spam trap.


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